White separatist dating sites

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Clear-thinking anti-Zionists correctly identified WNs long ago as useful idiots led by Zionist agents to forment interethnic tension.

As Aryanists, we moreover emphasize how WNs themselves have proven no different from present-day Israelis in their way of thinking (which many WNs themselves even admit).

And however much solidarity with “non-whites” National Socialist Germany was able to express publicly was already toned down compared to what it actually felt, as Hitler also explains: “Diplomats are estranged from reality …

They tried to persuade me to address a proclamation to the Arabs, completely disregarding the fact that, until our troops were in Mosul, such a proclamation would be stupid, for the British were quite prepared to shoot any and every Arab who rose to support our actions.”“Hitler only wanted to restore all that the Treaty of Versailles snatched from Germany.

If all “white” non-Jews were removed from the picture, Jews would instantly become so conspicuous in their positions of control that they would no longer be able to infiltrate society.

While different anti-Zionists have different speculations about Zionist strategy, only WNs are idiotic enough to suggest with a straight face that the Jewish goal is to blow their own cover.

The Western colonial empires, in contrast, were historically unique in their practice of segregating conquered peoples as “non-whites”, and thus subjects but not citizens, thus Goys in effect.

Hitler explicitly noted the difference between imperialism and colonialism: (Similarly, Western slavery was indeed more despicable than other chattel institutions (including Roman) throughout history because it alone exhibited willingness to do to “non-whites” what it had already recognized was wrong for “whites”, in contrast to other institutions who did not display this double-standard.

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Later on, the Germans will be pleased that they did not make any contribution to the survival of an out-dated state of affairs for which the world of the future would have found it hard to forgive them.” WN is nothing more than a Gentile rendition of Talmudism, where instead of the Chosen People being “Jewish people”, it is “white people”.Typically, they believe that the Jewish goal is to exterminate all so-called “white” people (again, mainly by getting “black” men to have sex with “white” women).It never crosses their mind that ”white” Jews depend daily on the existence of “white” non-Jews to camouflage their own presence.The quickest way to disprove WN claims to nationalism is to ask them whether or not they would prioritize a “non-white” person from their own country over a “white” person from another country.What WNs mean by their crude abuse of the term is that they want countries where only “white” people are allowed to live, just as Jews have Israel.) ‘Collins’ of the National Socialist Party of America), to close collaboration between WNs and Jews (such as Jared Taylor and the many Jewish speakers and writers for American Renaissance), we should consider how racial identity is promoted by Jews to turn its adherents into convenient weapons for their ends.

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