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Information about Christians who aided them, the activities of partisans, arrival of Red Army. Wachtel's testimony describes a reunion of several members of his family at the Transnistria concentration camp in the Mogilev-Podolsk area of Ukraine.Wachtel also discusses resistance, disease in the Transnistria camp, and mass burials.Experiences in Treblinka concentration camp, administration of the camp, nationalities of prisoners, the gassing and incineration of prisoners, the orchestra, destruction of the camp after the uprising, other subjects.

Also included is information about De Liema's friendship with members of the Anne Frank family in Auschwitz.Gerda Haas recorded her remembrances of Berlin, Germany, and Terezin after her arrival in Les Avant sur Montreux, Switzerland, in March 1945.Her donated materials are the only surviving fragments of Haas' larger collection of personal papers, which she donated in 1989.This testimony describes the experiences of Fred Angress's family during their resettlement in Amsterdam and their life in hiding during the German occupation of the Netherlands.The testimony draws from Angress's personal diary and other sources, all of which are listed in a short bibliography.

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