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This also gives me the flexibility to run a job on any of several pieces of equipment to keep projects moving,” says King.

The company now has three Fadal machining centers along with two die sinker EDMs and a CNC lathe, which are all programmed with Mastercam.

I had to replace all 4 of my cameras within the year.

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Pascoe invited King to attend a free seminar that would be open to several Prototek customers.

Instead, King negotiated with Pascoe to obtain a day of hands-on training for himself and another Mastercam user in his shop.

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So, it is no surprise that Dave King, owner of Choice Tool (Minneapolis, MN), was all ears when Brian Pascoe from Prototek Engineering (his local CAM reseller) called to inform him that these cost factors were about to change dramatically.

However, your best advice is to stay below prices like Service Master or some big franchise charges.

In general their help isn't that bright or speaks no English...

[more]Scamming in Detroit Paid: 410.00My husband and I went to a sporting event on the Wayne State Campus.

We parked in what was apparently a non-campus location.

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