Internet dating for millionaires

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And the simple advice for women in this situation (which I have seen on other blogs, and have occasionally given out myself) is sometimes appropriate: "you aren't hot enough to get the guys you want; lower your standards." However, in most cases, I think there is deeper phenomenon at work.Women tend to be aware of and rate their looks fairly accurately.But the good news is that you probably can eventually get the men that you think you can get - assuming you are willing to work at it, and do.The biggest takeaway, though, is that if you aren't getting the men you want (but you think that they are in your league), your first move shouldn't be to lower your standards, it should be to self-improve.And though I agree that this happens, it doesn't capture the whole picture.

You know that you are an incredibly sexual person, but because of your strict conservative upbringing, you cloak it in "modesty" and men are turned off.

But in general, we know ourselves well; we know what we are capable of becoming.

This is true in all aspects of our lives: business, working out, academic learning - everywhere. Because we know ourselves, we also know roughly what we should be able to get when it comes to the opposite sex. " This is a symptom of the above-described phenomenon: you know that you have the right "raw material" to attract the kind of man you want (in fact, "the kind of man you want" is partially defined by your self-knowledge), but you are confused about why it hasn't happened for you yet. You have the potential, but you haven't fulfilled it.

It shouldn't be surprising, then, that the problem is primarily an internal one.

Each of us has an inherent knowledge of our own capabilities and dispositions.

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