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You can realise that, as Bann puts it, “Every configuration of people is an entirely new universe unto itself” and depart from there. I can’t explain it.’ She remembered Giddon then, who had assured her that this would change.

You don’t have to accept what you’ve been told about how love and romance must inevitably play out. As if he knew her heart, as if he had the slightest understanding of her heart. She hadn’t considered this possibility, when she’d sat alone in the forest crying. And his offer hung suspended before her now, for her to reach out and claim; and that which seemed clear and simple and heartbreaking was confused and complicated again. Could she be his lover and still belong to herself?

The Dells are inhabited by monsters — technicolor creatures that look like more beautiful versions of the animals we have, and which have the ability to charm their prey, to control their minds, and to make them (us) want to get closer.

Fire, a young woman with impossibly bright red hair, is part monster herself.

Look for Kristin Cashore’s highly-anticipated standalone novel, Jane, Unlimited, coming out September 2017!

I’ve seen this, I’ve lived it, and yet I haven’t found a lot of stories that delve into this process in depth. She threw another bone into the fire and hacked another piece of meat from the goose. That was the question; and she didn’t know the answer.

I’m immensely interested in how people negotiate the full package of heterosexuality in a patriarchal world, and I wonder if the fact that I haven’t yet fully explored the romance genre is the reason why what Po tilted his head at her. She felt Po’s eyes, and looked up at him, scowling. is the only book in the series set outside the Graceling Realms: it takes place in a region called the Dells, of whose existence people in Katsa’s world are unaware.

I loved how rooted in patriarchal arrangements the threats these characters faced were (more on which later); I loved how Katsa decided to teach girls self-defence, but this went hand in hand with her work for the Council (an organisation she starts that is committed to addressing tyranny and injustice across the Graceling Realms).

Systemic change happening alongside immediate practical solutions for individual safety — hooray!

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