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I have met a lot of cool ppl on here even ones who I am really close with. Well i just started coming here 3 months ago and since then I met some pretty cool people(a lot of weird ones too)... I have been on here for at least half a year and I have made so many new friends, it's hard to count them all!

Some that I keep in contact with through email or even phone. I just wanna give a shout out to CANDY, your my sweetheart...

I've met a lot of GREAT ppl on this chat but it can get a lil crzy sometimes in the chat rooms! I have been floating around this site for around 3 years and I have met many people on here and most of them I still talk to after all this time!

I am always open to help others and you can usually find me in the love counselors room.

Find sexy and different camgirls with edgy sex appeal.

Meeting great guys online makes for a great conversation.

I love any chat that has to do with love in general, but the singles is my favorite!

I'm usually in Canada chat so holla back if you see me-PEACESo I've been coming to these chat rooms for about two years now and I LOVE it.

I've met two of my best friends on here and countless other amazing people.

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