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But perhaps this seemingly random stranger is not quite as unlucky or as unknowing as he initially appears. Do you want to report a spoiler, error or omission? If you are not a registered user please send us an email to [email protected] copyrighted material (movie posters, DVD covers, stills, trailers) and trademarks belong to their respective producers and/or distributors.opens, "is when everybody looks right, and you go left." To illustrate his point, Smith promptly breaks the stranger's neck, puts him in a wheelchair and rolls him into the back of a moving van—and then the real story begins. After losing his job, having his apartment building condemned, finding his girlfriend in bed with another man and getting his nose broken by a mugger, Slevin decides to spend a few days with his friend Nick Fisher to regroup.When Lindsey knocks on the door looking for Nick, Slevin answers it in that towel.

The only way out for Slevin is the "gracious" gangster's offer to forgive the debt in exchange for Slevin murdering the son of his rival, The Rabbi. By the time Slevin meets The Rabbi, he's not surprised to discover that Fisher owes him an additional ,000 as well.

Lindsey reopens the door to tell him one more thing and sees him naked. She leaves, then opens the door , telling Slevin that she'd hoped to catch him nude one more time; he tells her the next show isn't until later.

Elsewhere, Lindsey wears cleavage-revealing outfits. The Rabbi's son, Yitzchok, is living a gay lifestyle.

A young man just out of the shower answers the door to a neighbor woman and explains that he's visiting, has had a bad week, including being mugged, and doesn't know where his pal, who lives there, is. Two thugs arrive and, believing the visitor to be the guy who lives there, take him to see the boss with the dead son, who tells him to kill the son of his Mob rival.

In a classic case of mistaken identity, a man (Josh Hartnett) is confused with the friend whose apartment he is staying in, and forced by a gangland boss (Ben Kingsley) to assassinate the son of his arch enemy.

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