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A city (dava) Ramadava (Ramidava) existed in ancient Dacia (actual Romania), and a Walachian (Romanian) prince, Ramung, appears in medieval German Nibelungs epic.

Both Sita and the wife of Negru-Vodă end tragically.

[1-1-90]“In the kingdom of Rama there is no fear for subjects from wildfires, gale-storms or from diseases, and there is no fear from hunger or thieves, nor the cattle is drowned in floodwaters, as well…

[1-1-92, 93a]“Any man who reads this lifespan-enriching narrative of actuality, Ramayana, the peregrination of Rama, he will be enjoying worldly pleasures with his sons and grand sons and with assemblages of kinfolks, servants etc., as long as he is in this mortal world and on his demise, he will be adored in heaven…

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Even ‘Hindu countries’ don’t include Romania, Ramayana is there much more than a coffee house with this name in Bucharest.It is not surprising that Mahatama Gandhi was tremendously influenced by the teachings of the Ramayana.If Gandhiji is still relevant for the world so is his guidebook – Ramayana.’ Valmiki Ramayana is said to have been composed basing on each of the twenty-four letters of Gayatri Hymn, and a thousand verses are arranged into one book under the caption of each letter.and in benevolence he is identical to Kubera, God of Wealth-Management, and in his candour he is like Dharma itself, the other God Probity on earth…[1-1-18, 19a]“When Rama is enthroned then the world will be highly regaled and rejoiced, exuberant and abundant, also rightly righteous, trouble-free, disease-free, and free from fear of famine…” Thus Narada is foreseeing the future and telling Valmiki.

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