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The impressive Visitor Center here includes displays depicting Sinagua and Valley history, and a gift shop.This is where you’ll learn that the name is a misnomer. The walking loop is flat and paved for comfort and accessibility, with interactive signage and a vintage diorama developed in the 1950s depicting the structural interior after access was limited due to the site’s fragility.In its heyday, Jerome boasted over 50 Chinese restaurants.Some buildings fell hundreds of feet down the slope, including the town jail which survived intact and was merely re-opened in its new location.

Even though the distance from Sedona is only a matter of a few miles, it will take you at least 30 to 45 minutes to get to each site respectively.A series of fires in Jerome’s early years was seen as possible divine retribution for its godless ways; at its peak Jerome boasted 15,000 residents (almost 80% of whom were male) who were served by a variety of brothels, saloons, and gambling houses.In 1903, a New York newspaper named Jerome “the wickedest town in the West.” Prior to the Depression in the 1930s, Jerome had evolved into a prosperous company town with the mining companies providing liberal benefits and public works including sports fields and courts, swimming pools, a public park and library.Once you arrive, a bit of non-strenuous walking and climbing is required to reach the structures and art. Montezuma Castle National Monument in Camp Verde is a beautiful, five-story Sinagua cliff dwelling overlooking Beaver Creek in the Verde Valley.Perfectly sited in a natural opening with overhang, the structure was built of mortared masonry for a community of about 50 individuals.

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